Exceeding my Own Expectations

Exceeding my Own Expectations

As a freshman in college, my hardest obstacle was balancing everything I had on my plate.??I enrolled in 16 hours, which is challenging for any student.??I have a daughter and work over 20 hours a week, so I have more responsibilities than a typical freshman.??What I learned as a freshman was to work on my time management.??I tend to procrastinate and I struggled with my classes and everyday life because I had to take care of so many things in such little time.??I began to change that when I got a taste of what it’s like to complete homework and projects weeks in advance.??The main thing I suggest to any student is to get a planner!??Professors do not always remind students about approaching deadlines.??Having a planner really helps map out what is due in advance.??I also learned that professors love to help, even though they may come off as intimidating.??I often went to some of my professors’ offices to ask questions and have them help me understand the information more clearly.?? Also, I am applying for UofL’s highly competitive nursing program in the upcoming months.??I have been stressing about getting good grades to obtain my dream.?I feel I am well on my way to obtaining that dream thanks to my hard work, improved time management, and helpful professors.

I have had a great time in college so far.??I have exceeded my own expectations I set for myself both academically, professionally, and personally.??I have A’s and B’s and have been succeeding as a student.??I am also currently a CNA at a nursing home to begin my work as a nurse.??UofL has given me the greatest opportunity to become what I’ve always dreamed of being.


Heather Glidewell

Freshman, University of Louisville School of Nursing